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Marketing Specialist

Smoker's Digest from inception has been focused on changing the narrative of cannabis and reshaping the perception of consumers while developing into a lifestyle brand from humble beginnings as a cannabis subscription box service.

Founded in 2016, our fresh perspective and innovative thinking has led us to developing and manufacturing our own in-house product design. We are seeking a dynamic person with experience in product marketing in the cannabis industry.



  • Grow current user base to drive customer acquisition and retention.
  • Develop go-to-market plans for new products being developed in-house.
  • Proficiency with data analysis. Developing, tracking, and measuring key metrics of success as it relates to ROI, funnels, and conversions.
  • Creative planning of marketing campaigns across platforms. Smoker's Digest is listed on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, YouTube and LinkedIn. An in-depth knowledge of the advertising policies of each platform surrounding this category is required to successfully develop and execute campaigns on each.
  • Create and lead E-mail marketing, SMS broadcasts and IG Story posts that stimulate user engagement/interaction and lead to clicks/conversions.
  • An understanding of Shopify's backend metrics.
  • Provide projections/forecasts of channel performances based on key correlations. 
  • Prepare material for digital publication and features to raise brand awareness via podcasts, online magazines, streaming services, etc.
  • Oversee influencer/affiliate content deliveries.
  • Skilled at operating Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premiere Pro.
  • Develop plan for organic and paid growth. Ensure SEO optimization is scalable.
  • Ever willing to implement experimental strategies.



  • You will be expected to work approximately 10-16 hours a week, virtually and/or in-person.
  • Preference for talent in GTA, Ontario.
  • Participate in weekly meetings via Zoom and utilize shared workspaces like Monday, Google docs and Microsoft.
  • Present your weekly plan and metrics.
  • Participated in a new go-to-market product launch (nice to have, not required).
  • Participated in a product life cycle that reached third party wholesale distribution (nice to have, not required).



  • 2+ years of Marketing experience in the Cannabis industry.
  • Experience with CRM.
  • Proven growth tactics.
  • Experience with Funnel marketing.
  • Participated in a new go-to-market product launch (nice to have, not required).

Smoker's Digest is an equal opportunity provider and promotes diversity. Seeking only the best candidates for this position, this job may be posted on other job boards or filled internally. If you or someone you know fits the criteria for this posting, please email your CV, portfolio of campaigns and references to 

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