Interview: Miwak Junior

Interview: Miwak Junior

When you think of smoking pipes, the last set of words you’d pair together to describe them are “alien” and “eggs”. Well those are the exact words creator, Sebastian Boher uses to describe his works of art. These alien eggs were created out of rebellion and were meant to deceive and that they did! I was so intrigued to discover this brand. The extraterrestrial vibe of it all is so poetic. Honestly, that is exactly the feeling stoners look for, an outer space elevation to explore the undiscovered, either through their own thoughts or through unlived experiences. Cannabis has inspired some of the most creative artists the world has seen.

Seeing these beauties was one thing but I felt like getting a little more intimate and taking a more behind the scenes look at this brand to see where all this creativity comes from so I had a talk with one half of the dynamic duo behind the brand...


Talking to Sebastian about his creations was as cool as his Chilean accent. So, I asked him what inspired these unique designs?

Sebastian said he originally wanted pipes that would be non-detectable in his college community. When he started, the first and second prototype didn’t past the test, so he threw them away. They either were too obvious or had structural issues. After taking a ceramic casting workshop to master the technique and provide depth within the pipe for the perfect toke and smoke ratio, he nailed it on the third attempt. But these ceramic symbols of rebellion were only created for his personal use. That is until his friends took notice and wanted copies for themselves. The demand grew - Sebastian’s craft turned commercial with the help of his partner, Alice.

We chatted further about the "re-branding" of cannabis. I joking said to him 'it’s had more reinventions than Madonna' and he couldn't agree more, adding that he thinks it’s more that celebrities are being more honest about their use now. He went on to talk about his upcoming designs and what he hopes the narrative for cannabis will be in the coming years.

If you like his pieces as much as we do, you’ll be just as excited to know that he is venturing into designing home decorations. He is working on creating a center piece that holds folders and has the same vibe of his ceramic pipes. Also to come is a “flying saucer”, as he calls it, to compliment the “alien egg” creations. We can’t wait to try them! Visit to view their creations.

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Thanks for letting us in Sebastian and Alice!

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