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When you think of smoking pipes, the last set of words you’d pair together to describe them are “alien” and “eggs”. Miwak Junior!
If you have been reading many weed articles and literature, you’ve probably figured out  that when you consume cannabis, the cannabinoids present in the plant interact with the endocannabinoid system, hence the effects you get from consuming weed.
These little leaves have achieved fame like no other botanical specimen. Its popularity is increasing with every day passing. Gone are the days when cannabis was a substance to be traded in the dark alleys at midnight. Today, cannabis products are displayed on glorious shelves in the most exquisite-looking dispensaries in many countries. And when things become this common, some start searching for high-end products that give a unique experience...

You Can’t Consume Cannabis There, Mate!

The long list of illegalities doesn’t end here, though. Get ready for a cozy five years stay in prison if you are found possessing a flower or a bid of the magical plant. Wait, there is more to know about what is still illegal about cannabis in Canada. 

The use of cannabis in women before sex may slow the perception of time while prolonging pleasurable sensational feelings. It also eases your sexual consciousness, boosts your sexual confidence and makes you open to trying and experimenting with new ideas, one of the participants in the survey concluded.

Cannabis and How it Enhances Sexual Function in Men

Ever had that irresistible urge to reach for a snack after hitting a blunt. Yes, it may not seem normal to some, but it is completely normal to desire and crave everything in your cabinets to the refrigerator. So, why does food taste better when you're high? The science behind it, explained.