Does Cannabis Increase Orgasm?

Does Cannabis Increase Orgasm?


Earlier research tells us that marijuana improves a woman's libido and even increases orgasms. Recently, other studies tell us that marijuana can also enhance a man's sexual activity. I'm definitely not among the team of researchers, nor am I a lab rat, but I can tell, to an extent, that this is true. Curious to know how I know? This post will enlighten you.

Unrelated, but although weed is somewhat discriminated against and illegal in most nations, it still gets much attention and is, in fact, one of the most researched substances. Another research shows that users testified to cannabis increasing their sexual function and satisfaction irrespective of age and gender. The affects were increased sexual desire, masturbation pleasure and intense orgasm. So, yes, it is true that cannabis can increase your sex drive and improve orgasms, but how?

Why Does Sex Feel Better After Consuming Weed?

Amanda Moser from East California University conducted a survey for her Master’s thesis in human development and family science. Over 800 individuals from different ends of the world, including men and women ranging from 18 years to 85 years, participated in this survey. 

The survey uncovered that cannabis not only improves your sexual desire and performance but also makes masturbation more pleasurable. In addition, it revealed that both men and women had more intense orgasms. Even better, women reported they achieved multiple orgasms in some cases. Isn't that amazing?

Furthermore, studies show that THC interacts with our endocannabinoid system and tweaks our senses, and as a result, our sense of taste and feel are more acute. Meaning our sense of feel and taste are most active when we are high. 

To think of it, these two senses are the most active during sex. When you consume marijuana before sex, this effect manifests and spikes these senses making sex more desirable and enjoyable and resulting in a much better orgasm.

This survey also unravelled the truth about the use of cannabis in men's erection. There are a lot of sources that say cannabis weakens a man's erection. They say it may be difficult for a man to achieve and maintain an erection after a dose of this substance. This was indisputable since marijuana is a muscle relaxer, until recently when the result of this survey proved otherwise.

Most men claimed that they didn't have any difficulty getting an erection and that it lasted longer. This also makes sense as earlier published articles classify marijuana as a vasodilator. This means marijuana widens the blood vessels and improves blood flow. Blood flowing to the male genital makes an erection possible.

Cannabis and How it Enhances Sexual Function of Women

In a survey by Sexual Medicine with over 300 women, a significant percentage reported that the use of cannabis right before sex made it a more enjoyable experience. They noticed an increased sex drive, better lubrication, less pain and improved orgasm. The same survey showed frequent users tend to have more satisfactory organisms and better sex life than seldom users.

Many factors influence the effect of cannabis and a woman's sexual function. To begin with, when you consume marijuana, one of its compounds interacts with the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal axis, which is responsible for regulating sex hormones in women. How this compound interacts with your system is yet to be uncovered but it is known to control the release of gonadotropin and oxytocin. These are essential hormones for normal sex functioning. Some believe the cannabinoid property that eases stress and anxiety makes this possible.

The use of cannabis in women before sex may slow the perception of time while prolonging pleasurable sensational feelings. It also eases your sexual consciousness, boosts your sexual confidence and makes you open to trying and experimenting with new ideas, one of the participants in the survey concluded.

Cannabis and How it Enhances Sexual Function in Men

As we all know, erectile dysfunction is mans most common sexual disorder. And if you don't know, now you know. Some reports criticise marijuana for being responsible for erectile dysfunction in men that consume weed. 

The American Journal of Men's Health recently published an article where a case study revealed that the odds of erectile dysfunction for marijuana users are four times of abstainers. In other words, for every clean male with erectile dysfunction, there are two male users with erectile dysfunction. However, other reports and studies contradict this, just as you can find here.

While some authors say marijuana is responsible for erectile dysfunction and can weaken a man's sexual function, others believe it improves sexual function. It goes either way, as both cases appear to be true, and there are numerous investigations and studies to back this claim.

However, the conclusion is that the relationship between the use of cannabis and erectile dysfunction is a mix of psychological and organic factors rather than a straight-up circumstance of the substance.

This is attributed to the interaction between the endocannabinoid system and the paraventricular nucleus of the hypothalamus. This system regulates sexual behavior and erectile function in men.

This is why we see cases of men with improved sexual performance after cannabis use and some with erectile dysfunction. This also explains why and how weed improves sexual function in men diagnosed with social conditions like depression, stress and anxiety.

Rounding It Up

Marijuana greatly impacts our sex life, man and woman alike. However, the process and results may be different. Some literature even calls it an aphrodisiac. If you are a newbie trying to infuse weed in your sex life, you might want to start slow. Begin with little doses and observe how it affects your sex life. Furthermore, you should avoid edibles as food remains in your abdomen for up to an hour or even more after eating. Smoking or vaping is a more recommended option in such situations.

 Edited by Kara W.