10 Innovative Products for Elite Cannaisseurs

10 Innovative Products for Elite Cannaisseurs



Cannaisseurs (can·nais·seur)

A cannabis consumer who indulges in cannabis and cannabis products at a high level.
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Cannabis will be in markets you probably think it wouldn't be in. These little leaves have achieved fame like no other botanical specimen. Its popularity is increasing with every day passing. Gone are the days when cannabis was a substance to be traded in the dark alleys at midnight. Today, cannabis products are displayed on glorious shelves in the most exquisite-looking dispensaries in many countries. And when things become this common, some start searching for high-end products that give a unique experience, even if it comes at a little higher price tag. In this feature, we are going to share ten innovative cannabis products that every high-end cannabis consumer is going to love!

1- Kiva Camino Sleep Gummies

These gummies feature 5 milligrams of THC, 1 milligram of CBN, a fantastic touch of midnight blueberry, and a unique experience when it comes to sleep gummies. Of course, it costs quite a bit, but you're in for a treat if you opt for these sleep gummies.

2- Altas Ember Edibles

You probably won’t feel anything for the first few hours when you have a bite of these edibles. But boy oh boy, when they hit, they hit hard. These giant granola bricks get excellent marks for the flavor as well.

3- Omura Heat-Not-Burn Device 

You don't want to burn the plant; you don't want to smoke it out, yet you want to activate the terpenes in the cannabis plant. This device is your go-to option! Innovation at its very best, the starter kit of this device comes with a pack of ten tubes. As compared to its competitors, the Omura is an easy-to-fill precision dosed cartridge. Instead of complicated protocols, this device follows a simple insert-and-go approach. 

4- Canndescent Whole Flower Pre-Rolls 

A bunch of joints, if you will have it! The pack features a joint from five strains each, i.e., Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. A brilliant pick for those who are big fans of variety. Of course, the price is a little too high by usual standards. So much so that one can call this brand the Starbucks of weed! 

5- Mello Bottoms CBD Suppositories  

Some of you weren’t looking for suppositories while searching for high-end CBD products and we understand that. It is just that the Mello Bottoms have come up with something incredibly awesome. Administering CBD becomes fairly easy with suppositories, the cannabinoid hits as soon as ten minutes. Oh, and the product is luxurious and worth the price tag, you know!

6- CBD Pillow 

It is still the same feature; we haven't switched to a clothing store! Instead, CBD pillows have been infused with millions of microcapsules of CBD. The micro-dose of the cannabinoid released into your skin relaxes you like nothing else.

7- ALT Premium Liquid 

Advanced Liquid Technology refers to 5-milligram vials that can be poured into a liquid of our choice. Colorless, flavorless but a potent pot of water, ALT gives you a sneak peek into what's in store for the future.

8- 1906 Cannabis Drops 

These drops are available in different categories with a guaranteed working time of 20 minutes. They are Genius, Midnight, Go and Love. The manufacturers of this product have certainly got a very decent thing going there!

9- Artet Cannabis Aperitif 

Alcohol-free cannabis spirit isn’t the stuff of fiction anymore, courtesy Artet. The brand has done it and done it in some style too. Quite a lovely easy-drinking daytime cocktail indeed! You will experience mango juice and ginger beer like never before! 

10- Winnow Skin Cares

Cosmetic products are usually very expensive but this high-end CBD face cream beats all the price tags with ease. Hyaluronic acid, amino acids and shea butter are its key ingredients.


Edited by Kara W.