9 Ways to Reverse a Bad High

9 Ways to Reverse a Bad High



Even the most seasoned marijuana consumers have their bad days with the herb. We have all been there. It could be that perfect joint or the astronomical edible that you thought would give the high you need, but you got excited and overdid it. Now you are fuzzy and starting to feel uncomfortable. The good news is that it’s not much of a big deal as there has not been any record of chronic marijuana OD and we hope no one attempts to create one either. Consumers smoke or ingest weed for many reasons but nowadays it’s commonly used for therapeutic or recreational use. However, there are bad experiences with this herb regardless of why you use it, how you take it and which strain you are on. What happens when you have this experience firsthand? What happens when you have a bad high? Is it possible to reverse a bad high? If you’re looking for these answers, read on..

Am I too High?

The most crucial thing when taking weed is to know your limit but if you are still new to cannabis, it might be difficult to determine your limit. This is why it is best to take a few dabs and let the effect  kick in. It may take longer in some than others. Ideally, the effects should make you feel euphoria, happy, energetic, relaxed, hungry, and many other delightful and adventurous sensations. On the other hand, when you start feeling too much paranoia with excessive perspiration coupled with other symptoms, sit tight because you are now experiencing a bad high. Regardless, don't panic. There is an array of solutions to a bad high. We’ll learn what those solutions are but first, what are the symptoms of a bad high?


        Intense Confusion





        Excessive Perspiration


        Increased Heart Rate

        High Blood Pressure

If you feel two or more of these symptoms while consuming marijuana or shortly after taking it, you are likely riding the bad high train. Remember, don’t panic because there are things you can do to interrupt the journey. 

How Long Does It Take to Reverse a High?

The traditional way to stop  or reverse a high is by waiting for the THC, the compound responsible for your high, to leave your system. . You’re probably wondering how long that would take. It solely depends on how you consumed it. Did you inhale or ingest it? For some, ingesting causes a longer wait time since the THC is going directly to your bloodstream. For those who smoke weed, the effects can kick in fast and often fade at the same frequency. In any case, research shows that it takes between 3 to 10 hours for the effects to subside. 

How to Reverse a Bad High

Now that we have established what a good high and bad high looks like and how long it takes for a high to leave you, let’s talk about  reversing that bad high. As we have emphasized throughout this post, if you green out (have a bad high), do not panic. Weed is all organic, a natural substance, and its effect can be countered even if it gets bad. Below are several ways to do so.

1.     Take CBD

CBD is present in marijuana and other products. It is well-known for its anxiety-fighting properties. In addition, it evens the effect of THC. Unlike THC, it is not psychoactive and does not produce euphoria. This is the most effective way to reverse a bad high. However, there are no studies on how much CBD would reverse a bad high and how fast it would. It all depends on how much THC is in your system. Consuming CBD and THC together creates a harmonious, balanced and interesting high where the effects of both compounds are more or less even.

When you consume a strain that contains both compounds, you get to enjoy only, or mostly, the good part of the high. For example, a strain with a higher THC to CBD ratio will produce euphoria with pain killing effects and little or no anxiety and paranoia. On the other hand, when the CBD is more, the weed is rather therapeutic than recreational. It produces a little euphoria with a pain killing and relaxing buzz that works against anxiety, stress, paranoia, depression, and other stress disorders.

2.     Relax! Don't Panic

There is no record of fatality from cannabis consumption unless a very high quantity is consumed quickly, which is almost impossible. When you are high, you can feel paranoia and anxiety, which could get very real when the high is bad. When you experience these symptoms, the first and most important thing is to relax. You can relax better with practices like meditation, yoga, and breathing exercises.

3.     Distract Yourself

Relaxing will go a long way to counteract a bad high. However, it works faster when you distract yourself. You can try out new recreational activities or practice your favorite ones. You can play video games, read a book, listen to music, paint, etc.. But avoid any activity that requires attentive mental and physical awareness like operating a machine, driving, cooking, etc..

4.     Stay Hydrated

There is no proof that water reduces or counteracts the effect of THC in the body. However, staying hydrated is important and healthy, given that the body is made up of 55 - 60% of water. You should also avoid alcoholic beverages. Alcohol tends to boost the effect of THC and you don't want this while attempting to reverse its effect.

5.     Eat a Snack

Though some sources say high-carb foods reduce the effect of THC, there is no real evidence to support this claim. Snacks, on the other hand, can raise your sugar levels and help you feel balanced. You can try snacks like sandwiches, crackers, or nuts. However, you should stay away from high caffeine and sugar content as they are catalysts for boosting the effect of THC.

6.     Chew Black Peppers

Black peppers are rich in terpenes. Terpene is one of the compositions of cannabis and it is present in other plants too. Terpenes balances the effect of THC and induces a sedating effect. Chewing them or inhaling their aroma reduces the effect of a bad high. You can also try black peppercorns.

7.     A Shower Would Help!

A cold bath can direct your attention away from the intense buzz. A warm bath, however, will help your body and mind relax better. This doesn't reduce the THC content in your body but it can relax the body or divert the body's attention from the buzz of cannabis.

8.     Call a Friend

In times like this, especially when your paranoia and anxiety are high, you do not want to be alone. Call a friend. The right company at this time will distract the brain from the THC's effects and make you feel much better.

9.     Sleep

When none of these work, try sleeping. Sleep is the ultimate form of relaxation and is one of the best ways to stop your high. When you sleep, you clear out the bad high without experiencing most or any of its symptoms.

Here's an unconventional addition:

Have an orgasm. This recommendation was personally researched so let us know if it works for you. 


While there have been 0 records of death from weed OD, you should proceed cautiously. Greening out in some people can be very severe and it may feel like you are dying, but you must know that it is all in your head. In addition, THC, which is responsible for this feeling, has no properties or composition that could result in death even if consumed in large amounts. So when you have that bad high, follow one or several of the above options to get back to “normal”.


Edited by Kara W.